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Name:ray terrill
Birthdate:Mar 3
Mun and Muse are over the age of 18.


Ray Terrill is from The Ray, and is the property of DC Comics. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.


Ray has blond hair, truly golden in color, and blue eyes, though they glow with light at times when he is using his powers. He is medium tall, and fit, having been trained both by Vandal Savage and the Martian Manhunter.

He knows some martial arts, but is a geek at heart, being one of the .the most prominent computer programmers identified in the DCU.


Ray is the son of World War 2 superhero, called, ironically, the Ray. He inherited his father's powers and became a reluctant hero, though he did eventually come to like the job. He is first and foremost interested in being a computers businessman, possibly the head of his own company someday. The longer the heroing business seems to intrude, the more he is beginning to doubt he will ever be able to.


Ray's powers are nothing less than utter and complete control of light,. in every way imaginable, from becoming a being of pure light, to creating lasers for illusion casting or cutting. He can do a great deal, but he is utterly beatable by a concerted and determined enough foe. This has happened, in fact, far too many times for Ray's liking. Once he was far more arrogant, now he tends to be wary, a lot of the time.

That is also from the number of times he has been kidnapped to be a power source by some supervillain. He is rather resentful, thus of anyone looking at him for only his powers. This is part of what has led him to develop his computer skills, and adventuring experience, as well as he has. he wants, needs, even, to be more than his powers.


costume(under his clothes)
personal laptop computer(In case, with charger, plugs, burner, and program and games disks, pens, paper.)
casual business suit(on)
anti-light knife(in pocket of costume)(knife that can cut through hard light constructs)
JLA, JSA, Freedom Fighters, and Forgotten Heroes signal devices(part of costume)
watch, shielded against emps and solar energy(on)
paper bag with lunch(in case)
address book(in case)
umbrella, broken(in hands)
Urban Knights novel(in case)

Ray comes in from just after Final Crisis # 7.
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